The wait is over! Your favorite blockchain monster battle game is back! Eggies World V.2 launches into open beta on Wednesday, February 3rd! This guide will tell you everything you need to know to get your account set up and get a few monsters on your account.

If you have played Eggies World in the past, you may have some EGG tokens in your wallet. We are happy to announce you can now begin training those monsters! A lot of changes have been made since the original Eggies World was first launched in 2019 (it’s been 3 years, crazy right?).

What’s new?

Eggies World V.2 Is getting bigger and better! This update brings 16 new items, 32 new unique attacks, new icons, and attack animations! Explore the cosmos to earn new unique and exclusive items and Bloodstones! Upgrade your attacks to empower your monster even more than ever before!

Many attacks have been balanced to make for a more competitive experience for all players. Players can now power their monster up to 1200 EGG POWER, meaning each monster can now earn an additional 200 points to allocate into different stats! be sure to allocate them wisely. If you would like to reset…

A new event makes its way into eggies world! Battle level 5 monsters for a chance to receive a limited edition Mythic item!

Mysterious Mushrooms

In the local forests, a new type of mushroom has been spotted sprouting from the ground. It seems to have some interesting effects on monsters that come into contact with it. Scientists believe mushrooms contain restorative properties. Although it does appear to heal those who come in contact with them there have also been reports of it being deadly to some monsters.

Scientists are conducting on-going studies into these mysterious mushrooms to better understand the impacts of…

1/25/2021: An experiment gone wrong has caused mass panic in the Eggies World Universe. Professor Eggies and his team of scientists have been working to better understand the structure of a newly discovered virus. Great progress was being made, but it seems the intern got too excited and contaminated himself with the virus. It has now escaped the lab and infected numerous monsters in the wild! The exact symptoms and treatment for the virus are currently being studied.

2/4/2021: The virus has infected about 5% of the population of monsters in the wild. The virus is currently spreading much faster…

It’s time for your monster to shine, it has been training for this day. It’s time to take a look at the battle game and explain the different mechanics in a bit more detail.

How Do Battles Work in Eggies World V.2?

Battles may feel very familiar to some players, it is a turn-based battle system. Both monsters will face off, with the monster whose Speed stat is higher attacking first.

Players will take turns selecting attacks to launch at the opponent's monster (once PVP battles are live in a future update) or will engage in battle against an AI-controlled…

Eggies World V.2 Brings many new features, many of which have been asked for over and over and over again! We appreciate all the feedback we have gotten and have been keeping track of what is wanted. We have implemented many of these for V.2!

The Dashboard will be THE place to buy/sell monsters and items. Players will be able to create and manage clans, track their monster stats and items, purchase ORBZ, and much much more!

After reading this article you will know how to do the following:

- Buy/Sell items on the Marketplace

- View detailed information about…

Eggies World V.2 brings with it a new and improved battle system! The new system is more involved, flashier, and faster-paced. Making for a much more engaging experience.

The Eggies World V.2 Battle system is more engaging and requires more attention from the player than ever before! Choose the attacks your monster has and the item it holds before starting a match. Every match will play out differently depending on the monster type, items, and attacks that are being used. The new system introduces Buffs that affect the user and debuffs that affect the opponent. Your monster may gain the…

Harness the power of the elements; Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind to mine BOOM and win TRX, SEED, TERC and more!

How does it work?

BOOM Elements is a fresh new take on our previous game: Planet BOOM! BOOM Elements brings with it new game play, features and graphics. Each round is 5 minutes. At the end of each round 1 element will lose, splitting it’s TRX to the other 3. This means each round you have 75% chance to win when only choosing one element!

Eggies World V.2

Hatch, Train & Fight your own Unique Monster in this Online Game based on the Tron (TRX) Blockchain. All Articles by Austin

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