Eggies World Update 4/29/2021 — New Story Mode, Items, Attacks, and More

What’s new?

Eggies World V.2 Is getting bigger and better! This update brings 16 new items, 32 new unique attacks, new icons, and attack animations! Explore the cosmos to earn new unique and exclusive items and Bloodstones! Upgrade your attacks to empower your monster even more than ever before!

Many attacks have been balanced to make for a more competitive experience for all players. Players can now power their monster up to 1200 EGG POWER, meaning each monster can now earn an additional 200 points to allocate into different stats! be sure to allocate them wisely. If you would like to reset your stats to allocate them differently, you can purchase a stat reset scroll with ORBZ in the shop. This will allow you to put your stat points into any stat you would like again! Don’t worry, you will not lose your EGG POWER in the process.

Players will earn less profile experience than previously, as players were leveling up too fast, in future updates features will be unlocked through your account experience level.

Journey To The Time-Lost Caverns — Story Mode

The Story mode has players battling strong foes on their journey to the Time-Lost Caverns, a long-fabled set of caverns said to contain great wealth and power. The story is made up of 10 different battles, each having its unique strength and item. Opponents include some known characters as well as some new ones.

Have no fear, you are not going alone! Your mysterious, yet familiar loyal companion Capella will be with you throughout the journey. She will help to identify your opponent's strengths so you can better build your monster to take them down! She even allows you to use her spaceship to travel from planet to planet. The journey will not be easy, but there are some great rewards to be had, including 7 new unique items that could drop from the final fight of the story!

New Items

There are 16 new items coming with this update, that will unlock more combinations and things to experiment with. The final boss of the story mode can drop 1 of 7 unique items, but keep in mind you can only defeat it once per day to receive a chance at an item!

New Attacks & Visuals

Along with this update comes a visual refresh for all the attacks, the new icons better represent the attacks and are a much-needed upgrade. New attacks have some new impressive animations as well. There are 32 new attacks included in this update! That’s an insane 110% increase from the previous update!

Attack icons are updated and refreshed to better resemble their effect and type. Make sure to check them out next time you look through your monster’s attacks!

New Environments

Take the battle to a number of new environments. Each environment has a unique soundtrack and feel. Explore these in the story mode, they may become available in the shop in a future update!

Monster specific Attacks

Each monster type will now have its own unique attack type to explore! Do your best to use it effectively and take down your opponents! See an attack you think is cool? head over to the marketplace and see if you can pick up one of those monsters! Your monster will learn its unique attack after it gains 100 EGGPOWER after the update goes live!

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